American Addition

For over a decade, EMH&T has teamed with Homeport on the American Addition project on the near northeast side of Columbus. This historic neighborhood is among the oldest African-American communities in Central Ohio, dating to 1898. Located only 3-1/2 miles from the Columbus Central Business District, the area initially provided a rural, open setting for many African-American migrants from the South. It was a safe place where they could raise their families, cultivate gardens, and even raise livestock.

Over the years, this inner-city neighborhood saw continued decline until former Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman made it his personal goal to establish a plan to revitalize the community neighborhood. In partnership with Homeport/Columbus Housing Partnership, and leadership from Mayor Andrew Ginther’s staff at the City of Columbus to implement the goals previously established for this site, the City embarked on this project to improve the community infrastructure. EMH&T was proud to join the effort, and continues to take pride in the contribution made to the revitalization of this area for much needed affordable housing in Columbus.

EMH&T played a key role in facilitating the shared goals of the City and Homeport/Columbus Housing Partnership. Because both entities required infrastructure improvements to complete the redevelopment, EMH&T assisted them in funding evaluations, schedules, public involvement, phasing, etc. From an engineering standpoint, EMH&T prepared utility and roadway plans to update the infrastructure for the entire neighborhood and provided recommendations for sustainable design.