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Collaboration: everywhere you look

Roundabout at South Arlington Rd. and Greensburg Rd. in Green, OH.
Collaboration: everywhere you look

“Every expert and resource you may need is under one roof.”

– Jim D.
EMH&T employee Jim D. with an architectural setting in the background.

Ready to tackle great projects with a dynamic, multi-faceted team of smart, experienced and collaborative people? At our all-inclusive EMH&T campus, you’ll find every expert you would ever need to grow your career right down the hall. It’s truly energizing.

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Make a big, significant impact

  • We have an unmatched current and future log of significant projects.
  • Our expertise is strong in both public and private sector work.
  • You’ll take pride in helping us improve the quality of life in the communities where we work.

Add to our reputation for first-rate solutions

  • We’re known for providing the best, most effective solutions for our clients.
  • We find solutions for every challenge.
  • We focus on building lasting client relationships by delivering excellence, through practical problem solving.

Go where collaboration is the core

  • Everyone works under one roof to encourage collaboration, and reaching out across disciplines is encouraged and easy.
  • As a multidiscipline team – a win for the project is a win for everyone.
  • With a flatter structure and all-in mentality, you can share ideas and get answers fast.

Be a part of one big family without any silos

  • We believe that making huge impact is only possible by working in harmony.
  • Ours is a respectful, egalitarian culture with open, transparent communication and leaders who know you by name.
  • You will be empowered and recognized in an environment where we care about each other, celebrate together and do amazing work together.
EMH&T employee Corey S. with trees in window in background.
Corey S.

EMH&T has a culture where communication is transparent, relationships are cultivated, and mutual success is everyone’s goal.

EMH&T employee Ryan A. in office setting with bright walls and window in the background.
Ryan A.

There’s a profound sense of pride that accompanies delivering answers for a community that has trusted us for over 50 years.

EMH&T employee Franco M. with blue wall behind him.
Franco M.

Everyone is empowered and recognized as an individual.

EMH&T employee Brian Q. in office setting.
Andy K.

It's exciting to play a part on the most significant and impactful projects

EMH&T employee Abby C. with greenery in window.
Abby C.

We take pride in building long-term partnerships with our clients by consistently going above and beyond to meet their needs. It’s not just what we do, but who we are!

EMH&T employee Aaron A. with trees in background.
Aaron A.

Respect is our culture.

EMH&T employee Amy N. with office space in background.
Amy N.

With every expert a project may need under one roof, our clients know they can count on us to work together to provide answers. That builds trust and valuable long-term relationships not only with our clients, but with each other.

EMH&T employee Dana D. with large leaves in background.
Dana D.

Here we create and collaborate, not just for clients but for each other.

EMH&T employee Matt S. with office wall and window with greenery in background.
Matt S.

The opportunities for building your ideal career are endless.