Engineers Week 2022

In celebration of the Engineers Week 2022 (February 20-26), founded by National Society of Professional Engineers’ in 1951, EMH&T sat down with Director of Traffic Engineering Larry Creed, Esq, PE, to reflect on how engineering has changed for him since joining EMH&T in 1993.

In the early years of Larry’s career in traffic engineering, he says the focus was on traffic capacity: getting as many cars as possible from point to point as quickly as practical.” That has changed a lot in the last few decades as transportation planning embraced principals of new urbanism, increased emphasis on safety, and better balance between all modes of transportation that people use (car, pedestrian, bicycle, freight, transit, etc.). “Vehicular capacity is still critical, but we’re a lot smarter about providing it in an appropriate context that supports a lot of other goals that are also important to a community’s overall quality of life.”

Advances in materials and construction have also improved effectiveness of traffic controls and reduced environmental impacts through the use of high-reflectivity material, LED lighting and other innovations.

Join us in celebrating the awesome work that engineers do every day!