Poindexter Village Redevelopment

The Poindexter Village redevelopment plan encompassed the site of the former Poindexter Village public housing complex. Named for the Rev. James Preston Poindexter, this “Village” setting was one of the first public housing projects in America set on 27 acres. The redevelopment was an integral component of a major, comprehensive transformation plan for the broader Near East Side neighborhood known as the Near East Side Blueprint for Community Investment (“Blueprint”).

EMH&T designed new infrastructure supported by the City of Columbus including streets, sidewalks, and street lighting to promote walkability and bike-ability, and improved neighborhood safety. Today, the James Preston Poindexter Foundation ensures the preservation of this community and has a vision, “to be the unique showcase for the preservation of African American documents, culture, and tradition in historic Poindexter Village in Columbus, Ohio.”