Unity Park Successful Stormwater Management

The City of Greenville, South Carolina, recently captured on video the successful operation of the completed Unity Park project, including the restored Reedy River channel, during a significant flood event.

Earlier this month, the Reedy River overflowed following heavy rainfall, which caused flooding and standing water in the park. The floodwaters receded within 24 hours and the park was reopened after only needing some minor clean-up.

EMH&T collaborated with MKSK and other consultants to develop a resiliency plan for the park that included the application of natural channel design methods to reinforce the channel banks and improve the flood carrying capacity with a floodplain bench, as well as the use of fast draining soils in park areas exposed to more frequent saturation.

The park project also includes green infrastructure stormwater management features to reduce the burden on the local storm sewer system and provide water quality. The channel restoration and green infrastructure have performed well under several significant storm events since the park opened in spring 2022.

EMH&T provided engineering design on the project team led by planning firm MKSK

Video courtesy of the City of Greenville, South Carolina.